Good News/Bad News

Barrel and foudre activity at Hafis have been ramped up to level 100 and we’re just beginning to feel like all the long days and clopens (that’s when you close the brewhouse down at 2am, and open it back up at 8am) that we’ve been pulling this year, are finally bearing fruit. The harsh reality with a barrel aging program is that the progress can’t be faked or rushed –you might be working your buns off behind the scenes, but until beer is bottled, conditioned, and on shelves, your report card still reads “CHOPPED LIVER”.

So today we’re very excited to be kicking off a new draft-only series of single barrel selections and micro blends: may we introduce Outliers. It's entirely truthful to say this series was created to highlight standout beers that, fortunately or unfortunately, are in such small volumes we're not able to bottle them...but it would also be truthful to say that putting beers into series form, especially when we foresee more of this small batch goodness arising throughout the year, is our way of escaping the highly painful process that is conjuring new beers names. There, we said it. 

The unfortunate news that we do inevitably have to mention, is that Bring Out Your Dead will be delayed until next year, after experiencing a year rife with cognac barrel problems. We’ll spare you the riveting details, but hold ups with the suppliers meant that our shipment didn’t arrive with ample time to age the stout for a 2016 release, so we’ll be waiting until next year to bring this beloved beer back. Some better news to soften the blow? We’re currently blending 3 Minutes to Midnight barrels for a December 2016 release!

Outliers #1 is a 12% imperial stout aged in a single new American oak (medium toast for the nerds out there) barrel for a year. It's chewy, bold, velvety, and displays rich notes of vanilla, smoke, wood, marshmallow, chocolate, spice, and toffee. Most importantly, it's only available in very limited quantities -- the single barrel produced about 5 kegs total. 

We'll be tapping this at 4pm today when the brewpub opens, and pouring it until it ceases to exist on planet earth.