Hello Hafis

We are very proud of ourselves for being smart enough to ask Carmen to write a blog post about a potential mid Dec Hafis Rd. opening before she went on mat leave...as we have no time to write such things with everything that's going on...and neither of us can tell it like she does.

- Mike and Luke

Off to Carmen now:

One of the things that Mike and Luke asked me to do before departing on mat leave, was whip up a blog post about our FIRST EVER Hafis Rd. bottle releases and open house happening on December 17th at the 20 Hafis Rd. production facility from 1 pm to 5 pm. The Dec 17 release will be the sort of event that, amidst holiday work parties and lord knows what other obligations you've signed on for (bet that Secret Santa exchange with the coworkers over complimentary bellinis and jalapeño poppers is gonna be lit!), brings you genuine joy, as opposed to that fake stuff you'll inevitably have to muster elsewhere. 

Our main hope in organizing an informal open house is to finally introduce you to what we've been working on behind the scenes for such a long time now. I can tell you that the first time I stepped into 20 Hafis Rd, after the tanks and brewhouse had arrived, I literally (yes I actually mean 'literally') felt my heart rate exceed normal beats per minute (the thought did occur to me that had I been elderly, I might have had a full-blown heart attack). The size and scope of the equipment there made our Ossington brewpub set up look like a Fisher Price toy kitchen, and I finally understood why ordering that scissor lift was very very necessary. 

Normally what I would do at this point in a blog post is talk a bit about the general ambience around the brewery -- the events and collective attitudes that are setting the tone before we embark on this much anticipated introduction. But given the fact that I'll have been long removed when what you're reading now goes live, I'll have to take an educated guess as to how things will be. I have an inkling that we'll be feeling a little sheepish about having committed to the 17th. We're probably not really 'ready', but will also discuss the fact that we'll never feel fully ready. At least one of us will suggest cancelling and rescheduling. Another will remind the group that somewhere, in some social media post or tweet we already hinted at the event so we can't take it back now. Someone else will ask who tweeted about it. Everyone will say "not me". One of us will be lying. 

So what can you expect from this open house and why should you come? Both great questions, I'm glad you asked. The open house will be a chance to see the new facility, to take a gander at large-ish fermentation tanks, our growing barrel program, a snazzy Canadian made brewhouse (NSI), and a very very high-tech German/Italian bottling line that we'll be using all our allowance to pay off for quite some time. The Hafis Rd. site has a tasting room license that allows people to purchase 12 and 8 oz pours by the glass. The brewers will be on hand to answer questions, show off their questionable hair styles, and perhaps even share anecdotal stories about the Bellwoods beers of yesteryear. We'll also have beers from our regular line up available at both locations, so keep an eye on our bottle shop availability pages (you can access these and toggle between the two) on our website, as the big date draws nearer. The Hafis Rd. open house bottle list will be updated on-line by the morning of Dec 17.

The Hafis Rd. open house will also closely coincide with the release of Bounty Hunter and Farmageddon #11, which will be available at our Ossington bottle shop on Dec 16 (for those who live closer to Ossington).

December is certainly a bit later than we had hoped an introduction to Hafis might come, but we'll take it! We're excited and tired, but mostly excited.

See you on the 17th!


1. Yes, there is plenty of parking at Hafis Rd. 

2. Stay tuned for info on two more bottle releases next week!