Opening a brewery is a life-changing event that causes you to experience a lot of emotional extremes. Your intense excitement is motivating and uplifting, and yet it’s countered (if not trumped) by intense and constant stresses. You toggle effortlessly between elated and crestfallen, all while growing to resemble Tom Hanks in Castaway more each day. Your unread emails seem to be procreating on their own, you find beauty in glycol lines, your sanity is questioned.

Throughout this small growth spurt we’ve learned that there are temporary remedies and dangling carrots that can help to ease the madness of it all, and while you’d be correct if you were thinking popsicles or hammocks, you’d also be correct to guess barrel aged beer releases. Nothing quite calms ‘the chaos’ like extracting magical potion from oak barrels.

I’m sure you can see where this is going, and if you subscribe to our newsletter then you’ll know with certainty where this is going: tomorrow, Friday August 19th we release Barn Owl Blend No.4. This blend of Brett Farmhouse ales with currants is exactly the kind of beer we love making and drinking — dry, slightly funky, subtly tart but not sour (we like sour beers but this one isn’t), with a hint of fruit. The farmhouse ales were aged for a year in old use oak barrels with a variety of brett strains and currants, and after tasting the final result we know this is a fruit we’ll be incorporating on a much more regular basis. (We were all a little googly-eyed).

We find that making and blending beer in this way, without rigid style guidelines or imposing ‘rules’, yields the most delicious results. It’s creative, tailored to our very biased preferences, and rewarding. It makes us feel like a modern day Bob Ross, casually stippling paint here and there to create idyllic wilderness scenes on canvas, except that we use barley instead of paint, our canvas is a beer bottle, and none of us can claim to have a 70’s fro. Some of my metaphors are stronger than others.

Barn Owl No. 4 goes on sale at 11am Friday morning, there’s a limit of 6 per person, and they’re $12 each.