Holiday Open House


Of all the life-altering changes and improvements Bellwoods has seen over the years, it's unlikely that any could rival the highly-efficient blood pressure reducer that is Hafis. It is but a humble industrial warehouse beside some train tracks, and yet, it houses a very beloved collection of big fermenters, all our barrels and foudres, and a team of hard-working humans. And though every year since we opened Bellwoods has felt like a big one, 2017 was characterized by some seismic changes -- arguably the two most important being more beer (hallelujah), and a little more room in our brains to tackle new creative projects. But before we get too caught up in everything we hope to tackle in 2018, we'd like to counter the first year of running a production brewery, with a well-deserved par-tay. 

On December 16th we're having an open house to celebrate year one of Hafis!

We're feeling festive AF and have planned some great snacks and even greater beers (sorry, snacks) to put a skip in your step. Our open house is a great opportunity to check out the space if you haven't already, or simply return for the 47th time because on this particular day Santa Claus himself will be spreading joyous laughter and consuming a responsible amount of alcohol! There will be cookies galore (isn't everyone addicted to sugar?!), poutine (because we're dutiful Canadians), and hot drinks for people of all ages. 

Let's talk about a few specifics:

  • We'll be open regular hours (12-7pm)
  • Beer stations will be set up around the brewery for you to peruse and enjoy, operating with a token system a la Witchstock.
  • Merch variety gift packs all packed up and ready to go so that the only thought you have to put into a beer-centric gift is "Um that one." Seriously, you can just point and we'll do the rest.
  • Tours! Who doesn't love walking around, looking at big shiny things and then hearing anecdotal stories about that one time we did a funny thing?!
  • We're releasing Skeleton Key! This imperial stout was aged in rum barrels for a year, with the addition of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, juniper berries, star anise, black pepper, vanilla, and raisins. Rich and chocolatey with layers of warming spice and smooth vanilla/oak barrel character. And for those who love #properglassware we'll have custom stems up for grabs, along with some snazzy gold on black tees. Is #propertshirts a thing? SK2017 hits Hafis and Ossington locations on December 16th, $16/bottle, with a limit of 8/person.

We hope to see you all there!