Get Your Festival Caps On

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Greetings esteemed Witchstock ticket holder (and prospective ticket holders),
We are but a mere two sleeps from the big day, but before that time we thought it wise to check in and give you the inside scoop on festival details and ticket holder exclusives. It’s come to our attention that many of you would like to arrive with a strategy, and we’re more than happy to provide you with all the necessary kernels of knowledge to develop a rock-solid plan of attack. Of course, the mom in me is itching to remind you all to wear enough layers and stop putting stickers on your forehead – but, I understand you’re responsible grown ups capable of making those decisions yourselves. May you bask in full autonomy to choose your own sleeve length.
The early access and Ontario beer section is something we’ve received questions about, so let’s start with that. The sessions officially run from 12-3pm, and 4-7pm, but 45 minutes prior to both, attendees will gain access to the outdoor Ontario beer section (all of this beer is included in our tokenless ticket system!), which is also the section that includes all the food trucks (food available for purchase). Here, amazing breweries from all over Ontario will be pouring their favourite beers, in bottle and can format. Think of it as a large-scale bottle share, featuring the best beers in the province.

FOOD: As mentioned, the food trucks will be in the outdoor Ontario area, and will cover such earthly delights as: oysters, coffee any way you like it, tater tot creations, tacos, samosas, chicken wings, sausages, and arepas (with vegetarian options too!).

There will be two outdoor areas (one at the side of the building, and one at the back), so we recommend dressing for the weather. Things could get drafty, or hot, or anything in between.
A coat and beer check will be provided free of cost. Any beer purchased in retail that day, or any superfluous layers can get offloaded, and then picked up from the loading dock prior to leaving (and after exiting the building). Please make sure to hold onto your numbered ticket!

The retail store, and the outdoor Ontario section (which includes the food trucks), close 30 minutes before the end of each session. That means you’ll need to stock up on calories and/or bottles to go, not at the last minute.
There’s a limited amount of Witchstock merch outside of the presale that has now ended, so if you are contemplating a poster or t-shirt, get to it shortly after arriving.
TRANSPORTATION: We recommend one of two modes of transport for getting to and from the festival: Lyft (using our exclusive promo code), or our shuttle bus service that runs from Lawrence West subway station. We’ve partnered with Lyft to offer $10 off 2 rides ($20 credit total) to each Witchstock ticket holder. Be sure to use the code: WITCHSTOCK, which is applicable from September 29th at 8:30am – September 30th at 3:00am. Here’s a handy link to the discount code you can keep in your back pocket.
If the shuttle bus (providing service between Lawrence West subway station and the brewery) suits you better, let it be known that the first one departs from the subway station at 10:30am, and the last bus departs from Hafis at 7:30pm. Set an alarm if you need to, and while this should go without saying we’re going to reiterate it because it’s tremendously important: do not drink and drive. No festival is worth putting your safety or the safety of others at risk. Have fun, use the shuttle and/or Lyft service, and if you’re in a bind, please let one of our staff members know.
There is no parking on site.
EXCLUSIVE BOTTLES: We’ll be releasing 6 bottles at the festival that ticket holders will get first access to. They are: Cream of Wheat (All Wheat DIPA w/ lactose collab w/ Other Half), Mylarshark (DIPA collab w/ Other Half), Toute Est Dans Toute (Saison collab w/ Dunham), Come What May (Barrel Aged Hoppy Brett Beer collab w/ De La Senne), Barn Owl #16 (Barrel Aged Wild Ale Blend), and Apricot Milkshark. We suspect we’ll sell out of a couple of these during the festival, but any leftovers will be available at Hafis only, on Sunday (30th), and extending to Ossington on Monday (October 1).  

Word on the street is, the Witchshark may have been bribed into making an appearance. You can expect him to be moody, but generous – he likes to walk around popping reserve bottles like he owns the place.

FESTIVAL BEER LIST: For the studious types, here is a link to the extensive beer list, in handy spreadsheet format. Study it, devise a game plan, or print it off if you want a companion on your festival journey. We'll also have a limited number of printed sheets at the door when you get in, for anyone feeling like, 'Who on earth owns a printer??'.

That should just about cover it for all the requisite, formal rules of the game, and we do apologize for a rather dense email. All we ask is that you read this over and log it in your brain somewhere. After that, all you’re required to do is show up and enjoy the shit out of yourself.
We’d also like to extend a big thank you to everyone participating – our friends travelling from afar, the breweries that rarely do festivals but decided to give this one a go, the incredible volunteers, and every single Bellwoods customer who purchased a ticket. Witnessing the friendships and creative collaborations that have emerged from these sorts of invitationals is what inspired us to create Witchstock, and we’re supremely grateful to witness global and local beer communities unite. We’re certain that the variety and quality of beer you’re about to experience is world class, and those in attendance will get to enjoy a slice of the most exciting beers in existence today.
We can’t wait to see you and share beers with people who love them as much as we do. And now, to endure the days between today and Saturday…