48 Hours Til 3 Minutes To Midnight

If you like fancy beers you're likely already aware that we're in the midst of our 4 week Quadruple Whammy release extravaganza. Two weeks ago was Brett Barrel Aged Monogamy, last week was Lambda, next week is Donkey Venom, and this Friday is (arguably) "The One Everyone's Been Waiting For". I base this claim on observations collected from my incoming emails rather than actual statistical analysis, but I think it's safe to say that mountainous inbox could predict all sorts of trends. Bell-bottoms, the value of the Canadian dollar, and frozen yogurt flavours not included.

3 Minutes to Midnight began as a one-off cask for Cask Days 2012, but bolstered up by positive feedback it grew to become a full-fledged beer released in 2013, after our Russian Imperial Stout (Hellwoods) spent a year in barrels with sour cherries. You bought up those bottles so quickly, and when the last drop fell from glass to gullet, it seemed clear to us that we had inadvertently created monsters. You banded together, forming radical rebel gangs with a thirst for blood (cherry imperial stout), and now you're banging on the doors and windows ready to behead us if we don't produce. But can I just point out the obvious for a second? If you behead us, there won't be anyone to make any more of this beer. SO LET US LIVE.

This year's version has been laying in wait for a year, and by God -- It. Is. Good. In the final round of QC this morning at 8am (yes, this job requires one to drink 10% beer at 8am) any fears that the cherry or malt body or carbonation or je-ne-sais-quoi wouldn't be quite right, were confidently cast aside. It's balanced, delicious, and something we're so excited to finally release.

My words of advice are simple (but crucial) in securing a future that doesn't involve crying yourself to sleep each night under the oppressive weight of regret. Get your hands on a bottle of this beer, or else.

3 Minutes to Midnight goes on sale at 11am in our bottle shop. $12/each, limit of 8/person, and about (we're still bottling at this moment!) 4000 bottles in total.