A Rite Of Passage

Boogie Monster
Boogie Monster

Here at Bellwoods, there's something very official about finally christening a bottle of beer with a fancy new custom label. Some beers can go for several batches and several months, before we decide that its time has come and a knighting ceremony is in order. The truth is that we like to see the beer interact in its natural habitat for a while, observe its patterns, and decide when it has earned its rightful place on our roster. For our beloved Boogie Monster -- Double IPA, younger sibling to Witchshark, underdog, and fellow celebrator of hops -- this rite of passage has come.

And as we tend to do with each new label Doublenaut sends our way, the whole staff is "oohing" and "aahing" that its is our favourite one yet. But let us return to the idea of it's what's inside that counts because, let's face it, the label's not gonna tuck you in at night...

Boogie Monster is a foil for Witchshark, and has a slightly lighter malt body that allows us to really focus on the hops. With a juicy flavour and punchy aromatics, this beer boasts complimentary elements of tropical fruits, blueberry, cedar, and a subtle savoury edge.

Trustworthy mystics have claimed that drinking Boogie Monster will ward off bad dreams and reverse negative karma. Bottles return to the retail store this Thursday July 17th.