A Sale, A New Website, and a Grizzly Walk Into A Bar

2014-02-21 02.27.51 1
2014-02-21 02.27.51 1

You may have noticed a few changes around these parts lately, and let me tell you, the Bellwoods elves have been working overtime. Juggling an aggressive brew schedule and preparation for a website launch is not easy, but that's exactly why we hired elves and not people -- they can just do more. Aside from glowing endorsements for fictitious life forms, and in a conscious effort not to ruminate on The Never Ending Winter, we have three words for you: Sale, Website, Grizzly.

And though we could kick off what I'm sure would be a hilarious game of charades, I'm just gonna throw you a bone.

1. First up, this SALE you speak of. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, for the first time since Boxing Day we've decided to hold a 5 day sale! We know that this grey weather can really do a number on the mood, so we're attempting to turn some frowns upside down. Our Doublenaut label design hoodies, crew necks, and t-shirts will all be 20% off. From Monday (February 24th) to Friday (February 28th) next week, you can come down to the tank farm, pick up some barley pops, and get a shirt on the cheap.

2. The new website! If you're here, and by here I mean this little corner of the cyber highway, you will have already realized that we have a fancy new website! It's been a long time coming and we could not be more pleased with the final result. It feels like we just got a facelift, butt implants, and drank a shot of wheatgrass all in one day -- which is to say, completely revitalized. Some sections you may want to check out are our FAQs, which sum up a lot of the common and obscure questions we get in a week, our Beer section with detailed profiles for our brews, both past and present, or our Blog that covers every subject from our newest beer release to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Look, we're just being honest with you.

So check it out and stay a while.

3. Grizzly Beer. The beer we often refer to as 'the perfect marriage between hoppy and malty' is back. Fresh off the line this morning, Grizzly is ready for the picking, in easy pint or bottle form. We think it's grrrrreat. Some might say it's impawsible not to love. Okay, I'll stop, I know these jokes are unbearable.