Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the bad news sandwich — the strategy of sandwiching bad news between two pieces of freshly baked good news, but over here at Bellwoods this weekend, we’ve got something of an open faced bad/good news sandwich for you.

Feeling both confused and hungry? Well let me be frank (if I was talking to my mother, she would promptly reply, “Nice to meet you Frank, the name’s Gail…”), all this late summer demand for our delicious craft brews has got our stores quite low. And by low I mean, we’ll probably run out of bottled beer sometime this evening. Huge bummer, we know!

Though this has happened once before (the long weekends really deplete things!) we want to quickly say that: 1. This isn’t often a problem, 2. We are very sorry, and 3. Ultimately we’re really glad that craft beer is so important to you lovely Torontonians! On one hand, the fact that we’re a small craft operation allows us to be creative and brew a diverse range of flavourful beers, but on the other (more logistical) hand, sometimes demand just surpasses supply. 

And now for the good news portion of this sandwich! Though bottles won’t be available this weekend, we have some really exciting beers coming out very soon — ones we’ve been working on for a while.

First up, an exciting collaborative project with Indie Ale House. A couple months back we brainstormed with Jeff and Jason about doing a double IPA, but wanted to change up the usual collaboration format. We both decided to brew identical recipes, with one slight variation — each brewery used a different yeast! At Indie Jeff pitched a Belgian yeast into his wort, and over here at Bellwoods we used a more neutral American ale yeast. Dry hopped twice with Ahtanum, Chinook, and Simcoe , these brews are pungently hoppy and weigh in at a whopping 9.5%! Inspired by the cinematic masterpiece that is Tommy Boy, we named our IIPA Tommy Likey! These will be available…TODAY, on draft in the brew pub. (For a limited time only we will also have a keg of Indie’s IIPA, so that you can try both).

As of Monday next week bottles of our hoppy brown ale Grizzly Beer will finally grace shelves again. The perfect marriage of malty and hoppy flavours, you can finally hold this old favourite in your arms once again!

A little further down the horizon is Three Minutes to Midnight, our Imperial Stout with cherries that we’ve been aging in barrels for over 4 months and is finally going to come out in bottles and on draft! This  stout is rich and decadent, with a beautiful tartness from the cherries. Expect to see it in the beginning of October.

And if you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling because your favourite bottle shop is closed this weekend, please refer to this simple list of suggestions to get it back:

1. Go to our bar. Drink beer on draft.

2. Watch a couple episodes of vintage Martha Stewart. Make a wicker basket or some country scones.

3. Refer back to #1 when the scones make you thirsty.

We’ll see you on Monday, until then, hold tight my weary travellers!