BRING OUT YOUR DEAD You might be aware that our Russian Imperial Stout Aged in Cognac Barrels -- aka Bring Out Your Dead, or "BOYD" as it's known around these parts -- is being prepared for a December 18th release. That means you can be the most thoughtful husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, in-law, or cousin this holiday season, and give the gift capable of making a grown adult do a 'happy dance'. Alternatively, it also means you can supply yourself with the necessary rations to endure even the most painful festive dinner, in which you assure your parents that yes, you're saving lots of money for retirement, no, you don't drink too much, and by golly, your last Tinder date went so swimmingly that they should expect a wedding next year.

I try to be a diplomatic and omniscient voice on this blog, but the truth is, I have opinions just like any other humanoid. The debate is always whether or not to share my innermost thoughts about each beer and brew day -- whether these thoughts will harm or help, and whether a rare peek into the somewhat controlled chaos that takes place behind the scenes is something you want to see.

But today I choose honesty, and the 2 things I want to communicate to you are as follows:

1. I pity the fool who's never tried a glass of Bring Out Your Dead. Why are you denying yourself? 2. This year's version of Bring Out Your Dead is our favourite version of Bring Out Your Dead. No, we don't love every beer equally, and yes, we have preferences.

You can read about 2013's version here, and 2014's version here. They are both fantastic, and you can still order a bottle of the 2014 version off our brewpub's reserve bottle list, but we're excited to share and release the newest batch next week. 2015 BOYD spent a year in cognac barrels, and it's all about beautiful oak character, a smooth, velvety body, and rich notes of dark chocolate alongside subtle black licorice. The cognac is more prominent, but balanced and utterly delicious. It's a refined imperial stout to end the year on a high note.

This beer would cellar beautifully, but it's incredible right now so waiting seems unnecessary. Approximately 2400 bottles of this 13% ABV stout go on sale this December 18th at 11am. There's a limit of 4 per person, they're $12 each, and we expect they'll last (at least) through Saturday night.