Barn Owl Takes Flight

Monogamy Single Hop
Monogamy Single Hop

*UPDATE: The release of Barn Owl is delayed due to a change in the packaging schedule! In final tastings/quality control this Wednesday it was decided that this barrel-aged beer would benefit from bottle-conditioning (rather than force carbonating for draft). As a result, Barn Owl will not be on draft this Friday and updates about its bottle-only release will follow shortly.

Glycol chiller issues have forced a slight delay in the Wet Hop Monogamy version too, and it'll be released on draft this Friday so that you'll still be able to do a side-by-side tasting with the original. Our apologies for the slight hiccup -- we just want to make sure that Barn Owl is at it's best when it makes its way into your loving embrace.*

The early Autumn sun is shining through the garage door windows, we're mashing in the first batch of a low IBU sour (destined for barrels) for the day, and the persistent dolphin-like screaming of the HVAC in the brewery is in its second week of eye-twitch inducing insanity -- Welcome, it's Friday morning at Bellwoods. The frequent visits to the roof of the building to repair and attack this dolphin noise (is it "chirping"? "clicking"?) that's boring its way into our brains have done nothing, and our should-be hilarious "how about now....and now? Wait, do you still hear it now?" phone conversations are the new mid-brew norm. And yet, we refuse to get sucked into that looming black pit of despair because a) there's no cell phone reception in black pits of despair, and more importantly b) we've got two new beers to release next week that we're really excited about.

We're actually releasing 3 beers, not 2, but one of them isn't new, and well, it's sort of complicated so just let me explain. Monogamy, our single hop pale ale series, is one that many of you are not only familiar with, but well acquainted. It's a refreshing pale ale, light on the malts, that features one single hop at a time (we've talked about it in more detail here). While we love the simplicity of this series, we're also somewhat restless, which one day lead to a discussion along the lines of "I know it's not broke, buuuuut....". And then instead of releasing that batch, in bottles and kegs as we normally do, we put it into barrels for safe keeping with Brettanomyces. That was almost 10 months ago. Last week we added peaches and apricots.

A few weeks ago, another discussion. The Autumn hop harvest was quickly approaching and the last of our city hops yielded a small but useable crop. A 'wet-hop' beer would only be possible during a rather short 2ish week window. The labour of harvesting would be tough to squeeze in during Project Post Summer Beer Replenishment 2014, but letting the hops go to waste would just be silly. (We covered our 'wet-hop' adventure here).

And squoze we did. Project Post Summer Beer Replenishment 2014 transformed into Project Squeeze The Schedule, or Project Get 'R Done, and definitely Project Wake Up At 4:30am. The result of all this, aside from what we hope are tough looking battle wounds, is a whack of new beer releases over the next few months, but specifically a bold triumverate that will culminate next week.

1 + 2: On Monday we give you Monogamy Centennial OG (on draft and in bottles) -- Refreshing, citrusy, leaning towards arboreal, and Monogamy Centennial WET HOP (draft only) -- Lots of fresh citrus flesh hop aromatics.

3: On Thursday you get Barn Owl (draft only with bottle-conditioned bottles to follow in a month or so), which is really Monogamy Centennial Barrel-Aged-With-Apricots-and-Peaches-and-Brettanomyces. The best comparison we can give for this style is our Motley Cru 2014, but this beer is a younger, less-intense version. Beautifully aromatic, toned down hop bitterness, subtle oaky notes, and a brett funk. Ridiculously delicious and rather wise at almost 1 year old! Look for this one at Cask Days next month.

Do you see where this is leading? On Friday October 3rd we'll officially have all 3 versions of Monogamy on tap and you can, yes that is correct, TASTE THEM AT THE SAME TIME! That's like simultaneously finding money in an old pair of pants, while high-fiving a unicorn, and surfing on an ocean of nachos!

So let's all have fun with monogamy (said no polygamist ever)!