Beer 4 Boobs


The rumblings have begun on Twitter and Instagram and the questions are beginning to pile up like the bags of malt at our storage facility -- What exactly is this Beer 4 Boobs you speak of? Let's discuss.

Beer 4 Boobs (Ontario) is an annual event put on to raise funds for Breast Cancer Support Services in Toronto and Hamilton. The proceeds from our Toronto event will be donated to PYNK, a breast cancer program for young women under 40 at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, while those from the Hamilton event will be donated to Hamilton and Halton Breast Cancer Support Services, an organization that provides comfort and support to women and families living with breast cancer in the regions.

The event not only helps to raise funds for two amazing programs, but highlights the creative and collaborative work of women in the craft beer industry. Not to worry though, men are welcome to join the fiesta.

Last year we brewed the popular Omertá (which you can read about here), a blood orange and hibiscus pale ale, but this year, given the event's theme of "yeast character" we decided to venture into the tart and funky territories we love so much. Our 2014 Beer 4 Boobs release is a Brett Berliner Weisse aged in white wine barrels. The beer combines flavours of the delicate wine, with lactic sourness, and the sweet smokiness of Brettanomyces funk (there's our yeast character!). It's unequivocally delicious and you should drink it or risk the sharp and debilitating pains of the dreaded FOMO-attack. (That's Fear-Of-Missing-Out for those of you recently emerging out from under a large rock...)

The details you’ll all need to know:

- Tickets will be $25.00 each and will include 1 sample beer ticket, and a commemorative sampling glass. They’re sold at the door (124 Ossington)

- The event will run from 1pm – 6pm on Sunday April 27, 2014

- Both events are 19+

- tickets are CASH ONLY but more beer can be purchased inside with credit or debit.

Any other questions or concerns? Feel free to email: