Social media is a funny thing. Sometimes it alerts you to new and interesting current events, occasionally it connects you with priceless Youtube videos of dogs jet-skiing, or some poor soul bailing on a treadmill, and often it incites extreme FOMO (fear-of-missing-out for you plebs) attacks brought on by the sight of some special beer, in some foreign location, that you just can't get to fast enough.

And I can tell you -- as someone who didn't own a phone for 8 entire months of 2015 -- that I did genuinely try to denounce all techie possessions and simply become one with the natural world, but as you can probably guess, that pursuit was unsuccessful. The forest and the ocean didn't want me, and I was powerless to deny the strong gravitational pull towards god-awful Van Damme movies that the internet has inexplicably chosen to preserve.

The lesson, I suppose, is to attempt to find the good in all of these online platforms, consume in moderation, and escape being swallowed whole by the bizarre allure of perfect pictures, depicting perfect lives, in perfect hypothetical universes.

We don't like to inundate Bellwoods Brewery beer fans with too many notifications, but all of us here at the tank farm thoroughly enjoy seeing the photos you post when you're enjoying the delicious brewskies or food we create. The best way to ensure your photo makes its way to our eyeballs, is by tagging it with a simple #bellwoodsbeer.

Today we're featuring a few of our recent favourites from instagram, and throughout the year we'll continue to feature different photos we enjoyed, using that hashtag. So keep on slapping it on your Bellwoods-centric photos and we'll keep showing you our favourites.