Cask Days Festivities

cask days photo
cask days photo

The infamous Cask Days Festival begins in mere hours and in the hearts of beer-lovers throughout Ontario, excitement is reaching a fever-pitch. Upon first arrival to Evergreen Brick Works, the veritable sea of one-offs, exclusive releases, and you'll-never-see-this-again beers can be somewhat overwhelming if not not downright anxiety-inducing. Your eyes scan the expansive rows of casks and the sudden realization hits you: But I can't try everything! And you're correct, you cannot (I repeat, CANNOT), so we're here to tell you a little bit about 3 beers that should most certainly make your short list, and some tips to keep you alive.

I could go into modest pleasantries about how the following beers are just our 'suggestions', and that you don't need to try them, but who can say for sure when the world will end? Do you want to enter into the unknown waters of a bleak dystopian future having never tried our 3 casks? All we're saying is don't come crying to us when an inanimate demon has just torn your arm right off your torso and you want a sip of something sour.

Let's take a look at the spread:

1. BARREL #119 -- Our understanding is that this elusive barrel-aged brew will be tapped on Friday night during Session 1. Having aged for a year, this dark Belgian sour ale is one we've been eagerly waiting to release. Deep red in colour with a complex mix of tart, dry, and vinous qualities, the sourness is mostly lactic with just the faintest touch of acetic. Beautiful notes of field berry and soft caramel malts in the background provide the perfect foundation for complimentary brett character.

2. SKELETON KEY -- Perhaps you've read the blog post from last Friday. Maybe you were one of the 50 people that commented on the instagram picture. Either way, people are getting a little crazy about this one. Though it's the highest alcohol beer we've ever created, the beauty is really in the balance. Aged in rum barrels for a year with a mix of ginger, all spice, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, and juniper berries. This refined, smooth, warming, and lethally delicious spiced stout will induce sharp pangs of nostalgia long after your final bottle is empty. Bottles to go on sale tomorrow(!) as well, at 11am in our retail store. A limit of 8 per person. $13/BTL.

3. FARMAGEDDON W/ RED CURRANTS -- We enlisted the help of our friends at 100km for some locally grown red currants, and marrying them with our beloved Farmageddon just seemed a no brainer. This brett barrel aged Saison is all about the depths and nuances of brettanomyces over time. Aged for 18 months, the beer takes on a subtle tartness, lots of barnyard funk on the nose, and notes of cherry, smoke, and hay that vie for centre stage. Clean flavours, dry finish, with the bonus of a soft sour zing from the currants.

And because we're feeling pretty festive, we've decided to feature the ultimate draft list in the brewpub this weekend beginning tonight (Thursday)! Wondering what's on tap? Here ya gooooo:

1. STAY CLASSY light session ale 2.8% 2. ROMAN CANDLE india pale ale 6.8% 3. CATHERINE WHEEL belgian ipa 7.2% 4. LOST RIVER baltic porter 8.5% 5. WITCHSHARK imperial ipa 9% 6. HELLWOODS imperial stout 10% 7. FARMAGEDDON BATCH #6 barrel-aged brett saison 6.8% (avg 1 year) 8. GRANDMA'S BOY brett barrel-aged tripel w/ plums 10% (20 months) 9. SKELETON KEY barrel-aged spiced imperial stout 13% (1 year)

Alright folks, have fun at the brewpub and we'll see you at Cask Days!