You know that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Aside from the general disdain for correct verb conjugation, I like the message and feel it's a good one. No need to waste your time improving things that don't need improving. Stop tinkering with what's successful. In short, don't be a doorknob.

So when I tell you that we took one of our favourite barrel aged beers and tampered with it, don't be alarmed that we went ahead and revealed our true idiocy. Sure, the experiment could have gone terribly wrong, the risk of ending up with a hot mess was certainly possible, but it seems that against somewhat daunting odds, our inability to heed warnings has proven rather successful (so being a bad listener does pay off!).

A few months ago we took our beloved brett barrel aged saison, Farmageddon, that had spent sufficient time in lonely hibernation, and gave it a lil' facelift -- you'll be happy to discover that rather than ending up with facial expressions of constant surprise, we uncovered a real gem of a beer that we sort of had to kick ourselves for not attempting sooner.

As Beyoncé once said, I don't know much about algebra, but I know that 1 + 1 = 2. Or rather, cherry + Farmageddon = Cherrified Farmageddon. You see what we did there? We put cherries in Farmageddon.

It's true that a poorly executed fruit beer can be intensely disappointing, but a beautifully balanced fruit beer, with tart montmorency cherries from Niagara working in tandem with the base of a dry saison aged in brett barrels, is well, whatever the opposite of disappointing is. Pretty stupendous.

Farmageddon aged on Niagara Montmorency cherries goes on sale at 11am on September 18th. There are just over 1000 bottles, $12/each, and a limit of 4/p.