Common Threads

I’m not too skilled in the ways of tarot cards or crystal balls, but the fortune cookie I ate last week with some spicy szechuan beef predicted that I would have “a pleasant surprise in my future” and I can only assume it’s referring to next week’s beer releases (which are plentiful).But perhaps that somewhat stale, if not strangely delectable, cookie may have been hinting at more immediate surprises — like the new and improved Brettal Head that we kegged just this morning and swiftly put on draft for its modest re-release tonight. Refined and renewed, this simple pale ale showcases all the complex fruity notes you can hope to attain through an all-Brett fermentation. With lots of hoppy aromatics bordering on blueberry and tangerine and a light refreshing flavour that skirts bitterness in favour of a crisp zestiness, we definitely know what we’ll be drinking tonight. And yet, it’s tough to interpret everything that cookie was trying to tell me, if for no other reason than the fact that cookies don’t talk. So it’s possible that cookie was referring to a different surprise, the much bigger, more obvious surprise that we’ve been aging for the past 3 months, the surprise that I can’t even be modest about because it blew my mind doors right off the hinges. Esteemed citizens of Toronto, I’m ridiculously excited to introduce you to the 2 beers that have sky-rocketed to the top of our favourites (ever!) list: Warp & Weft, and Weft & Warp.

Huh? Let me explain.

In the dead of winter last year we filled two sets of barrels, tequila and white wine, with a sour berliner as an experiment of sorts. Unsure of how the flavours would mingle but excited to monitor the results, it wasn’t long before we realized that we had created something exceptional.

But what do those words even mean? Good question.

Warp refers to the lengthwise threads that run north-south in fabric, while Weft refers to the widthwise threads that run east-west. They are woven together to create cloth, something altogether greater than the sum of its parts. You could say these two beers share common threads, or are cut from the same cloth, and yet, their two personalities are distinctly different.

Warp & Weft is our tequila barrel-aged berliner weisse. Sour, citrusy, and taking on all the complex flavours of tequila without the harsh alcohol heat, this intense beer is strangely like a margarita. Subtle flavours of aloe, grapefruit, lime juice and salt vie for a background role.

Weft & Warp is our white wine barrel-aged berliner weisse. Sour, with a bright floral bouquet and intense peach flavours not unlike those present in a Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, this version too has taken on a lot of barrel characteristics. A great foil for the tequila barrel version.

In our humblest, down home opinions, these two beers are every conceivable metaphor you could make about home runs. I can’t force you to buy them in a pair, but it would be silly to miss out on either. So let’s get to the big question, WHEN?! Here’s what our next week of releases looks like:

Monday (Jan 27th): Roman released in bottles! Yay for IPAs!

Tuesday (Jan 28th): Drink Roman. Rejoice.

Wednesday (Jan 29th): Wizard Wolf released in bottles. Fist pump!


Friday (Jan 31): All of the above.