CRAFT Official Trailer from Pixel One Productions on Vimeo.

As the story goes, in 2012, after a brewery tour in San Diego, BC filmmaker Craig Noble decided to make a documentary about the increasingly popular world of craft beer. In noticing the recent surge of new breweries all over Canada and the US, Noble wanted to observe the "trailblazers, rogues, and misfits" and put forth the question that, as brewers, we ask ourselves everyday: In a time of unprecedented demand, how do we maintain quality, creativity, and integrity?

On Thursday June 12th we'll be hosting an exclusive Ontario screening of Noble's documentary, with tickets available for purchase immediately HERE!

Seeing as three of our brewers made it into the trailer alone (Let's hear it for Carmen, Patrick, and John!), and Jeppe is wearing his Monogamy owls t-shirt, we can say that it gets our seal of approval. But puffed chests aside, Noble undertook some interesting projects while filming -- like doing an apprenticeship at a brewery in Vermont, earning his Cicerone certification, and brewing a special Farmhouse ale (his favourite style) -- that add a lot of credibility. We like that his style of filmmaking takes into consideration a lot of participation, because understanding the diverse landscape of craft breweries is about more than just appreciating the beers.

There are 50 tickets up for grabs, and those include a glass of Omertá (I suppose the cat's out of the bag...) on cask, and a Q+A session with Noble after the screening. We can't wait to see you then!

Again, tickets HERE, Noble's website HERE, and for the hell of it, a laughing picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger HERE.