Cross Border Brewing


Having just spent the last five glorious minutes inside our keg fridge pretending to work but really just basking in the arctic tundra paradise — I come to you renewed and ready to tell you about what’s going on in the brewery this week.

First of all, let me take this chance to clear up some rumours floating around:

1. Some people have been noticing that beer selection in the retail store and brewpub is looking a little limited. Your eyes do not deceive you! Demand right now is greater than it’s ever been, and while we’re literally working around the clock to brew old favourites and new releases, this is our first summer with an increased capacity, so please bear with us. We’re working out the kinks, planning our brew schedule for 2014, and taking full advantage of our barrels now so that stock won’t be so lean in the near future.

However, this has given us a great opportunity to utilize our guest taps and bring in some beers to the restaurant that we love (but don’t make ourselves). The draft list is constantly changing, and we’re having fun featuring great local beers from Nickelbrook, Great Lakes, and Dieu Du Ciel (a bit further out). We’ve even been lucky enough to bring in some favourites from outside Canada like Rodenbach, Houblon Chouffe, and Ommegang Hennepin. In addition, our bottle list is certainly nothing to shake a stick at! We still have lots of great stuff from Cantillon, Trou Du Diable, and Hopfenstark to name a few. Looking to finally check off Westy 12 from your bucket list? We’ve got you covered.

2. We’ve got some amazing limited releases on the horizon. Also true. Up first you can expect the long awaited sour stout collaboration with Evil Twin Brewing (Denmark & Brooklyn, NY), aptly named No Sleep Till Brooklyn. This big sour stout is really something extraordinary, balancing roasty complex malt flavours, with a tart sourness that works in a strangely perfect harmony. Bottles will be released on Friday, July 26 at 11AM. BUT! It’ll be released on draft TODAY!

Our next Berliner release (and the second to last Berliner of 2013) was brewed with zesty ginger and apricot. Fresh and fruity without the cloying sweetness of conventional ginger beers, this light brew is delicious gingerale for grown ups. 

The ever popular Fruit Helmet series is back! The mango/apricot version sold fast, and this time we’re changing things up a bit — our next release will be brewed with nectarine, pineapple and goji berry. Now when you head to Bellwoods you can tell your friends/boss/parents that you’re not merely going out for a pint, you’re getting a good daily dose of antioxidants too.

As for our main squeezes, Witchshark returned to the brewpub and retail store two days ago, and Wizard Wolf isn’t far behind it. Expect bottles in the retail store today, and kegs on Thursday. Roman Candle by the end of the week.