Don't Rain On My Parade


Ziggy was enjoying a beer on the patio when she heard the first rumblings of thunder in the distance. Never one to relinquish control, she took matters into her own paws…


Sweet merciful God in heaven, we finally have an awning! A retractable roof for our patio. A giant umbrella. An industrial sun hat.

For those of you just tuning into the Bellwoods show now, this may not seem that interesting of a statement. But, for those of you who have been with us since last season, through freak Toronto rain storms and unending city by-laws, you may also be rejoicing as we stare upon the patio and its pretty new cover. All we ever wanted was (a nice house, a cute dog, a limitless supply of delicious beer and) a little cover from the rain, but it was  a difficult process to make that happen…

Instead of ruminating on the fact that it took 14 months to make this a reality (as it turns out, that’s longer than it takes to make a human being) we will instead focus our energy and attention on the following public service announcement: You can now drink a beer on the Bellwoods patio rain or shine. Or, if your brain is similar to mine and likes information in the most basic, easy to understand package, here you go:

Rain? No. Big. Whoop.