Eat This Stuff

We know posting has been a bit light on the ol' blog in recent weeks, but believe me when I give you the non-committal excuse that it's not my fault, but rather the fault of Algonquin Park, for having no internet service. I'm sure you'll agree that it's pretty hard to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of seeing a mooose and its baby swimming when you can't even instagram, tweet, and facebook the moment. A #latergram will hardly do.

Taking time off is notoriously difficult in any industry, especially if that means fully unplugging yourself, but with this tempting, beautiful weather and the contrast of an aggressive brew schedule that never stops, we're trying to realize all the benefits that a few days away from the tank farm can offer. While some of us willingly chose to be devoured by swarms of tenacious mosquitos while camping, others decided to go to Belgium and drink what was surely some awful beer and eat even awful-er waffles and chocolate. A few of us escaped to the cottage to fish, canoe, and of course, drink beer. One of us even has the audacity to fly to Mexico next week to eat tacos, lie on the beach, and GET MARRIED.

But despite all the rest and relaxation we're careful to keep the brew schedule (yes, that 'never ending' one) moving along at a steady pace, brewing and packaging and doing our best to combat all your efforts to completely clear us out on Canada Day. A patriotic bunch you are!

We've got a few new delicious items on the menu in the brewpub, Omertá is baaaaaack, and what better way to communicate this than by dropping threatening hints that your life will be meaningless without this food and that beer? Or suggestive encouragement that eating and drinking at our brewpub will enrich your life. Bold, slightly disconcerting claims are the name of our game.

The shortcake is made with layers of pillowy sponge cake, cardamom spiced crème anglaise, strawberry rhubarb compote, and candied pistachios. It balances tart and sweet flavours, and its mix of crunchy and creamy textures are calling to me now as I write this. It's a perfect accompaniment to the bright and fruity Omertá.

The Nduja & Ricotta dish is made with whipped sheep's milk cheese, nduja salami, and a drizzle of honey -- all atop a crostini. Paired with a Stay Classy it's top notch.

My message is a simple one: eat good food and drink good beer -- it'll make you feel alive.