Emergency Measures Act

It would be obvious to say that Canada Day long weekend was busy here at the brewery. What may not be obvious, though, is just what a small operation we are. With the long days and warm weather, it makes sense that demand is higher than ever — but without wanting to rush any beers, the truth remains that we can only produce so much beer, in so much time. 

What I need to tell you all, is that unfortunately this weekend we’ll have to close the retail shop (very temporarily) because we have run out of bottled beer!

So, no you cannot get Bellwoods bottles this Saturday or Sunday, but I do have some good news:

We still have lots of beer flowing on draft, so come on down! The convenience of grabbing your beer to go is momentarily gone, but I can think of way worse things than sitting on our sunny patio and enjoying a pint. (Laundry and working out come to mind). 

There are bottles of Frambizzle available right now! We estimate that these will sell out by the end of tonight, but if you can make your way to Ossington at some point this afternoon, you have a fantastic collaboration beer waiting for you. This Raspberry Saison that we crafted with our friends at Trou Du Diable is light, refreshing, with lots of tart raspberry flavour.

The retail store will reopen on Monday afternoon with Monogamy Summit. Fear not young pupils, nothing beats a bad case of the Mondays like a beer you waited two days to get. Feel free to set up camp as though you were waiting for Bieber tickets or something. Wizard Wolf and the Hoppy Hefe will make their appearances by the end of the week.

We apologize for the hiccup and want to remind you that if you still show up to the retail store and feel like this: 

…remember that the bar is only next door.