Evil Twin/Bellwoods Collaboration Event

If you’ve heard small rumblings through the grapevine about our upcoming brews, get ready for the mother of all collaborations! We’re excited to finally tap and enjoy our joint project with Evil Twin Brewing (brewing savant, and interestingly, brother of brewer Mikkeller) at our Beer Release and BBQ with food prepared by none other than the esteemed Daniel Burns. 

The event will take place on Monday July 23, with tickets ($25) being sold for both an early (6-8:30) and late (9:30-12) session. A ticket gets you access to this exclusive event, a pint of the one-off collaborative beer, and a special dish created by Daniel Burns (non-vegetarian). 

The beer itself is one we’re very excited about, and we would be lying if we said we hadn’t already stolen (several) sips straight out of the fermentor. This pale ale was brewed with aromatic hop varieties from New Zealand, apricots and mango to compliment the heat of summer, and finished at a solid 6.8% ABV.

Come join us as we share the fruits of our collective labour this Monday at the Brewery!

Tickets are being sold here.

Additional information about Daniel Burns can be found in the Globe and Mail article here.

The address and hours of our brewery are listed here.