Fall Cleaning

Today is a celebratory day at Bellwoods Brewery, because it's the first time in recent memory that we've managed to get 4 different styles of beer on the shelves of the retail store, at the same time. Unsurprisingly, the past summer was the most stressful battle with high demand and modest supply that we've encountered thus far. Even with our preparations and barrel-aged releases, we were barely keeping up with what seemed to be an almost impossible task.

But just like that, October arrived and we woke up to fall temperatures that seemed to change like a light switch overnight. It's true that 24 hours ago I sent out the monthly newsletter, and in it, my tone was much less optimistic about our chances of regaining our footing this month. I suppose it's testament to how quickly things can turn around (amen), and this morning we noted to each other that stocks of beer bottles are beginning to replenish ever so slightly (we'll take it). All this to say, we can see the light.

As this welcome season descends upon the city, it brings about a few small changes and updates at the brewery that we'd like to get you up to speed with. It's also a good time for reminders about things you might already know about but might not. In essence, mother nature is alerting us to ease up on the auto pilot for a moment, to ponder our existence and take stock of our surroundings. My surroundings happen to be a bowl of spiced nuts I just stole from the kitchen, but I'm hoping yours are more inspiring.

In no particular order, some important stuff:

1. New Hours

As of Friday October 16th our Fall/Winter hours come into effect. This is the sort of thing that you'll want to take note of, so that you don't arrive to the brewpub at 2 to find a bunch of dusty looking brewers and not a bartender in sight. The bottle shop remains the same (11am-11pm everyday) but the brewpub will have reduced hours.

SUN (2-12) // MON (5-12) // TUES (5-12) // WED (5-12) // THURS (5-1) // FRI (4-1) // SAT (2-1) Got it? Good!

2. Witching Hours

This change in hours also signals the arrival of The Witching Hours -- a happy-esque time frame during the first 2 hours of service each day, when regular glasses of beer are cheaper than normal. Witching Hours run from fall-ish to spring-ish and give you that extra push of incentive to get out of the house when blustery weather threatens outside your window. Also, witches are cool and stuff.

3. #fridaybottles

You see that photo up there? The one with some beer bottles in it? That's a #fridaybottles snap and we post one to our social media accounts (instagram, facebook, and twitter) every Friday so that you get an easy visual representation of what we've got in the retail store as we head into the weekend. If you browse the hashtag in instagram, you can see all our #fridaybottle line ups of weeks and years gone by! It's a (sedentary virtual) walk down memory lane.


Guided Tastings turn 1! Last October we kicked off an experiment hosting brewer-lead Guided Tastings, without being sure that anyone would actually want to listen to us babble on about beer and brewing for an hour. The interest and feedback were so positive that we bumped the sessions up to an hour and a half (we talk too much) and kept them going strong through the spring and summer. Our fall session is more or less booked up (we've got space for 2 on just a couple dates) but stay tuned for announcements about booking dates in the winter session that'll run from December to the end of February.


Rocky's Farmhouse Ale -- a new one-off from one of our brewers -- goes on draft tomorrow. It's a dry-hopped farmhouse ale fermented with two strains of brettanomyces (keep in mind that brett in primary fermentation doesn't make funky flavours) and one strain of brewer's yeast (saccharomyces), that showcases soft Belgian yeast aromatics with hints of green banana, spicy and citrusy hop notes, low bitterness, and a dry finish.