Farmageddon This Way Comes


Like many of the beers that make their way onto our favourites list, Farmageddon began humbly, as an experiment with some newly acquired barrels. We took a Saison that we already really liked -- our Farmhouse Classic -- and used the addition of Brettanomyces and old wine barrels to create new layers of complex funky flavours like cider, fruit, leather, hay, and wood. As is often the case with a new barrel-aged venture, the first taste is an experience that's good to approach without expectations. Maybe the beer won't be fantastic, perhaps it will need more time to mature and develop brett characteristics. At the back of our minds the fear is always there, what if the barreling doesn't improve the beer?

Fortunately barrel aging did wondorous things for Farmhouse Classic, so much so that we decided it should be the first beer we would (attempt) to regularly recreate in barrels. Our results have been encouraging if not very delicious, and while they vary from batch to batch, we've been happy to taste and enjoy them all. I know, I know, we're real troopers!

But let's take a closer look at all this talk of 'batches', shall we? To date, we've released 4 separate batches, each one consisting of about 8-10 barrels blended together, pitched with varying combinations of two Brettanomyces strains (Lambicus and Bruxellensis), after roughly 6 months of aging.

BATCH 1: This batch had lots of complimentary apple notes, due to the fresh cider barrels we utilized (though many of the barrels were red wine too). It was rather Brett Brux heavy, as opposed to Brett Lambicus. Lots of leather and hay brett-derived aromatics.

BATCH 2: This batch was our youngest one to date (aged for only 3-4 months), and also very Brett Brux heavy in nature. Some beautiful apple-y esters emerged.

BATCH 3: This was a great batch, and the only one to have actual cherries added to one of the 8 barrels. If you still have bottles of this one (released in late October/early November 2013) you are in possession of a valuable resource. We learned with this heavy Brett Lambicus batch that Lambicus is the jam! This one had a distinctive cherry pie aroma, sweet barnyard-y esters, and a clean finish. Absolutely delicious.

BATCH 4: Relatively similar to batch #3, and with more woody flavours than the others, this one is a pretty even split of Brett Lambicus and Brett Brux.

Which brings us to the current day, and current batch, lucky #5. This one we're particularly excited about because it's our oldest one so far (at a year in barrels!), and therefore slightly grander, in all regards, than the others. In this batch the brett aromas are bold, the flavour is more tart, and the split of yeasts is heavy on the Lambicus. The beer is delicate, beautifully effervescent, with a true champagne mouthfeel.


We'll be releasing this batch of Farmageddon in our Bottle Shop on Wednesday July 2. Carpe Diem while supplies last. $9/BTL.