Florists For Hire

People often ask about our City Hops Project — namely how the crops are doing and whether or not they’ll be able to sample the fruits of our labour soon — but we really think of it as more of an experiment. Farmers we are not, but the hops have flourished surprisingly well. Cascade did well last year, but Chinook has come out on top this season. Though we couldn’t feasibly grow enough hops to bitter a 16 hectolitre batch, we have had plans in the works to utilize them in some [small] way for some time now. Working with the plant from rhizome (stem) to flower really gives us a better understanding of hops in general, and how better to incorporate them into our bitter brews. 

Hop bines are a little unruly (perhaps a testament to their flavour!) and in the midst of the brew week we sometimes forget to harvest. Hence the ginormous pile of bines we ended up with, and hence the urgency to make a beer that same day. We literally ripped a sizeable chunk of bines from Luke’s own garden, and brought the tangled bush down to the brewery. With some Chinook and Cascade to pluck from, we harvested a modest 2 buckets and threw them into a cask along with our new Roman Candle IPA, and a little honey to prime the elixir. A much awaited Bellwoods wet-hop beer is now fermenting, in preparation for an upcoming event with Beau’s!

Due to a particularly favourable season from the humulus lupulus gods, we now have an excess of hop flowers. Please inquire with Patrick about custom wedding, bar mitzvah, and and oops-I-forgot-your-birthday bouquets. He would love to hear your requests!