Food for Eating

Though grocery shopping is something I would score solid participation marks for, there's a certain delight in finishing work, sitting down with a glass of whatever our freshest beer is, and eating a delicious meal prepared by someone other than myself. And while I might think my culinary skills decent, there's just no way that I'm gonna attempt to sous vide an egg, encapsulate it in meat, bread it, and fry the whole thing. Or, God help me, cook an entire terrine of foie before garnishing my plate with sour cherry compote and smoked salt. And baking individual, baby loaves of soft brioche? I'm sorry but that exists in Impossible-land while my feet are firmly planted in Realistic-ville.

Lucky for me and for you, our chefs prepare a whole slew of delectable treats like these, ranging from small snacks to take the edge off (hello most addictive fries in the world), to in-house cured salumi and pickled vegetable boards to share among friends, and more substantial dinners like the smoked rabbit sausage with lentils, or the grilled Steelhead trout with horseradish cream.

So if you're happy to be alive as spring kicks off and the weekend rolls around, I say grab that briefcase! Escape the office! Hustle over to the brewpub! And ready your gullet for some delicious beer and food!

Because you know what they say, you only live once, folks.