For Fool's Day

"That sounds like a good problem to have," says almost everybody when we tell them we've just run out of beer. Of course, some people opt to use swear words strung together in longer sentences that don't quite make grammatical sense, but for the most part, people perceive it as a good thing. And don't get us wrong, we're grateful for the demand and appreciate every single person who supports us, but running out of beer (or disappointing anyone) is most certainly not our goal. Ever.

The good news, of course, is that the Hafis Road production brewery will open in mere months. Hallelujah. The bad news is, we still have to survive 'mere months' with our current set up and capacity, and when you're already running around like a group of chickens with their heads cut off (albeit rather efficient chickens), you start to wonder...who else can we behead around here to get more done?

So then, now is when I reveal that despite our initial goal to stagger these special beers a little more, we've decided to release two particularly exciting Bellwoods barley pops this Friday. Let's call it a Weekend Bonanza! Or a Spring Spree! Or a Holy-Shit-Stock-Is-So-Low-Here-Ya-Go!

One is a beer based on the notion that more is actually just more: Double Jutsu! We took our fan-favourite, juicy, aromatic, super refreshing pale ale and bumped up the alcohol and dry hop. The resulting beer is balanced, drinkable, and showcases bright fruity hop prowess, now in the vessel of an IPA. $6.50/BTL.

The other is our third blend in the Barn Owl series (this being the ongoing series of barrel blends that fits no particular style guidelines beyond our own quest for balance and deliciousness), more commonly known as Barn Owl Blend No.3, Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse Ale with Ontario Peaches. We chose a range of saisons that had been aging in old-use oak barrels with our house blend of Brettanomyces strains + other bugs, and added fresh Niagara peaches to the mix (anyone remember us moaning about de-pitting day??). This beauty has been conditioning in bottles for 5 months now. The beer is a refined, slightly tart, brett barrel aged saison with subtle stone fruit flavour. There are approximately 4800 bottles, which is a lot for us, so we won't be applying a limit to this one. $12/BTL.

This isn't an April Fool's Day joke, we have no idea how long supply will last, and if you need us, we'll just be on the brewhouse praying that we'll make it to Hafis Road's first brew day all in one piece.