Going To The Dentist

Warp & Weft
Warp & Weft

A few weeks ago on the blog we alluded to one of the big issues about small breweries: the fact that we can rarely disclose much about our upcoming plans. With a production brewery in the works and half a dozen new barrel-aged beer releases on the horizon, we would love nothing more than to talk about our plans and progress -- but these things are, understandably, complicated.

Just a couple of weeks ago we were all set to package Skeleton Key, which would then free up a tank for Bring Out Your Dead, and within a 48 hour period both would be safely contained in bottles. Sounds straight-forward enough, right? Wrong! Because on a Wednesday morning before the 7th hour had even struck we walked into the brewery to discover that a dip in temperatures overnight had caused our glycol chiller to trip and the bright tank never cooled down, making it impossible to carbonate the (now warm) beer. With no miracles to cash in, the BOYD release had to be bumped back a couple weeks.

While we've learned to adapt to changes and challenges in the work week, it does make it particularly difficult to provide the sorts of guarantees most people would like. Information regarding the time of day, let alone day itself, that a beer will be released can sometimes feel like trying to estimate how many jelly beans are in a jar. If we nail it, jelly beans for all! But if we don't hit the mark, disappointment runs high and we've definitely got some explaining to do. This, of course, is the part in the post where I ask you to stay with me, because the nugget of pertinent information contained just below all the rambling detritus is almost uncovered!

When I was little, my mom once told me and my siblings that we were going to the dentist, when in actuality we drove the the SPCA and bought a cat. Tiger did turn out to be a bit of a brawler, but that was a good day, and I think what we can all glean from this example is that, over the course of the next few months, I'm just gonna have to tell you that we're all going to the dentist a lot.

Sometimes going to the dentist will mean we have a new beer on tap. Sometimes going to the dentist will mean that the updated version of a barrel-aged beer is returning to the retail store. And sometimes, unfortunately, I'll actually just have to pass on the message from Dr. Christoff that you need a root canal.

So I'm very happy to tell you all, for what certainly won't be the last time, that next week we're all going to the dentist!

This time I mean that our second batch of Warp & Weft all brett berliner weisse aged in tequila barrels, a top 5 Bellwoods beer pick among our brewers, is going on tap. The bad news is, I can't say exactly which day next week. The good news?

NOBODY NEEDS TO GET A FILLING!!! UPDATE: Luke just walked around the corner and said that Warp & Weft is going on tonight. See what I mean?

PPS: Our draft list is bonkers this weekend, perhaps even more bonkers than Cask Days weekend, and we were really shooting for the stars when we put together that one.

While supplies last:

1. STAY CLASSY light session ale 2.8% 2. WIZARD WOLF session ale 4.8% 3. WARP & WEFT all brett berliner weisse aged in tequila barrels 6% (9 months) 4. FARMAGEDDON BATCH #6 barrel-aged brett saison 6.8% (avg 1 year) 5. WITCHSHARK imperial ipa 9% 6. GRANDMA’S BOY brett barrel-aged tripel w/ plums 10% (20 months) 7. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD cognac barrel-aged imperial stout 12.2% (1 year) 8. SKELETON KEY barrel-aged spiced imperial stout 13% (1 year)