Guided Tastings: The Next Generation

Guided Tastings
Guided Tastings

This past October we launched our Guided Beer Tastings as an experiment of sorts. After 2 1/2 years of inquiries about tours or tastings, and ultimately declining due to our tiny size, we found a way to work with what we've got, and offer small beer tastings lead by someone who actually brewed the stuff. And while we do certainly talk about beer during the tastings, we also cover a bunch of other topics, like the history and future of Bellwoods, our perspective on what it means to be a tiny brewery, and all the great questions that arise along the way.

Let me tell you, these tastings went like hotcakes and we've been having a lot of fun! You came, you drank, we laughed, and thankfully, nobody cried. All in all, I think we can say that the sessions were a hit, and armed now with what we've learned in the last few months, we're excited to open up new and improved 2015 Guided Tastings (that double as a pretty great Christmas Gift)!!!

So let's get down to details, yo:

- We're accepting bookings from January to the end of March as of right...NOW! - We're offering not one, but TWO GUIDED TASTING SESSIONS PER WEEK! - This means you can book for MONDAY or TUESDAY evening, and things go from 5pm(SHARP) - 6:30(ish)pm. You and your group are welcome to stay longer afterwards, as the brewpub is open for regular business. - Tastings take place in the mezzanine area that overlooks the brewhouse and fermentation tanks. - Tastings are open to groups of 8 people, and more than one group can be accommodated (ie. a group of 2 and a group of 6). We can't really fit more than that in the space designated. – Tastings are $35/per person, and include four 4oz Bellwoods draft samples, 1 5oz Bellwoods Reserve Bottle Sample, and a Chef’s Board to share (a selection of seasonal cured meats, terrines, salumis and fermented veg).

We had tried our best to get on online booking system going the eleventh hour 'technological difficulties' began to arise and we didn't want to risk a catastrophe. So, then how do you book? Like so:

- Send an email to with the subject header "Guided Tasting". - In that email disclose how many people you would like to book for, your 1st choice date, AND second choice date. This will make any back-and-forth much quicker.