Happy Birthday To Us


Often times when birthdays roll around you sort of wish they didn’t, hoping instead that you could just go back to a time when they meant eating 4 pieces of cake (guilt-free) and then passing out on your tricycle. 

Fortunately for us, this Saturday we only turn a year old, and at this age we don’t need to buy orthotics or expensive wrinkle cream. And because we’re feeling sentimental, we decided to brew not 1, but 2 anniversary beers! Masochistic, right? The first is “Bring Out Your Dead”, an Imperial stout that was aged in cognac barrels for 3 months, weighing in at 10% ABV. The second is “Motley Cru" (11%), a sour blend of Tripel aged for a year in red wine barrels, and Quad aged for 3 months in port barrels. 

The stout will be available on draft this Saturday, but the Motley Cru was primed and bottle conditioned with Champagne yeast, so you’ll need to wait another month before we release it in bottles. Let it be known, if any poor soul shall ask for Motley Cru this Saturday, it’s off with their heads! 

In addition to the stout (which will be released in bottles as early as next week) we’ll also have a festive birthday cake — but considering my appetite for all that is sickeningly sweet, I can’t guarantee it’ll last for too long. 

And we should mention our industrial kitchen is finally finished (can I get a what what?), which means that on the anniversary of our opening, we’ll be launching our new and improved menu with lots of tasty options for dinner. Specifics will come later in the week, with pictures to boot, but in terms of the sorts of dishes you can expect in your future, think pork belly and clams, coconut tofu in galangal broth, fried chicken, braised short ribs and deep fried pickles. These pickles, I’m telling you, they’re life changing. 

So get out of the house, embrace the supposed arrival of spring, and on Saturday (April 6th) we hope to see those of you who’ve enjoyed Bellwoods beer over the past year, and perhaps some new faces too. Come by for our exclusive cognac barrel-aged stout and some cake!