Hellwoods Brewery


After suffering the blow that was discovering Santa’s non-existence last year, I now look to Halloween as the only holiday I can enjoy as an adult. Sure, you don’t get a day off from work and nobody wraps you a present — and yet Halloween is the one day of the year that you can dress up as a literal fruit bowl and nobody will ask questions. Maybe you were going for the Chiquita Banana Lady look. Maybe you just like grapes. Maybe, shut up. 

Because we would love to share all this mushy sentimentality with all of you, we invite you to come down to the brewpub this October 31st and feast on a special line up of beers! To honour the spooky night we’ll be offering an exclusively dark draft list that includes all of the following:

Grognard (Session Stout) 3.8%

Grizzly Beer (American Brown Ale) 6.2%

Sails of Charon (Dunkel Weizenbock) 7.3%

Toil and Trouble (Belgian Dubbel) 8.2%

Lost River (Baltic Porter) 7.7%

Hellwoods (Russian Imperial Stout) 10%

Bring Out Your Dead (1st Anniversary Cognac Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout) 10%

Three Minutes to Midnight (Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Cherries) 10%

Donkey Venom (Brett Barrel-Aged Sour Baltic Porter) TBA%

The beers range in colour from chestnut brown to black-as-the-inside-of-a-coffin-at-midnight, and span alcohol content from 3.8% to 10%. Though we’ll still be serving cider and imported bottles, this is a dark beer event so expect bold roasted flavours, strong malt bodies, and tonnes of barrel-aging. 

We will also be awarding a $50 Bellwoods gift certificate to the best costume in the room (we’ll announce this around 9:30pm) so start crafting your epic witchsharks, wizard wolfs, and grizzly beers now! 

We hope to see all your gory faces next Thursday night when we perform satanic rituals to enjoy some deliciously dark beers at our second Halloween celebration. And hopefully we’ll also see a whole whack of you out this weekend at Cask Days! We’ll be pouring Brett Barrel-Aged Quad, partial sour mash Imperial Saison with lemon, and Brett Barrel-Aged Sour Baltic Porter to name a few!