Witching Hours
Witching Hours

This is just a brief announcement to say that our Friday lunches have drawn to a close, but never fear, good news is here! Many of you may (fondly) remember our Witching Hours, or as some refer to them, "The Cheap Beer Hours" or "The Treat Yo Self Hours" but certainly not "The Happy Hours", because happiness is just too complicated a subject among those that license stuff. Anyway, they've settled in and are here to stay until next Spring, so enjoy some discounted pints in the brewpub because gosh golly you're worth it.

The Witching Hours, for those still wondering, are the first two hours of service each day when you can enjoy Bellwoods pints for $1-1.50 off the regular price.

Oh, and our weekend hours have changed ever so slightly too, so familiarize yourself with this schedule and pencil it into your palm pilots for safe keeping.

Sunday (2pm-12am) Monday to Wednesday (5pm-12am) Thursday & Friday (5pm-1am) Saturday (2pm-1am)

Aside from that and the fact that we bought some new sharpies for the brewery, I think that just about covers all the pertinent announcements. Back to your regularly scheduled Monday Tuesday, folks.