It's Okay To Judge A Beer By Its Cover


Just when I felt ready to throw my bike into a slush filled ditch and admit defeat to mother nature (why must you torture us with more snow?!) the sun reared its beautiful lioness mane and showed us all that the icy death-grip of winter will soon be a thing of the past. Moods are looking up, the kitchen relocation is almost complete, and as I type this Luke is sprawled out on a beach somewhere in Miami for a much needed vacation where he will surely be keeping up with the Kardashians. Either that, or sitting beside the water and drinking blue slushie cocktails with umbrella garnishes poking out the top. 

I suppose spring is symbolic of growth and change, and in keeping with this poetic sentiment, I want to tell you about a pretty exciting change here at the brewery. No, we’re not going to start serving wine, and no, even though at 7am we curse our lack of foresight, we did not buy a fancy espresso machine. The changes I’m referring to have to do with beer (go figure), and more specifically, how that beer looks. 

Sure, our classic Bellwoods label is simple and sufficient, but if there’s anything I’ve learned about plastic surgery, it’s that a facelift always looks better. Okay, that’s a total lie, but trust me, these NEW LABELS we’re introducing are the most awesome thing ever!!! So awesome that my annoying penchant for exclamation points is getting out of hand! Seriously!

No. Seriously. Check these puppies out. Designed by the fantastic brotherly duo at Doublenaut, our new labels say a little more about the unique personality of each brew. In total, they’ll be designing about 15 labels for us, so expect to see new releases as the summer approaches. And we should mention that the lovely witchshark illustration that has become something of an unofficial logo around here was actually drawn by Kate-Wakely Mulroney, and incorporated into the Doublenaut design. To check out more of Kate’s illustrations, you can visit her blog Labouring Beasts.



Of course, some beers will still have the classic label, but we’re trying our best to get something customized for our most popular releases. And if you’re sitting there wondering what the hell “Wizard Wolf” is, well, it’s our favourite version of the Common Session ale that, as of yet, hasn’t been released.

As for a timeline, the Witchshark will be our first release, making its debut in the retail store within the next week. The Roman Candle and Wizard Wolf will follow, with Hellwoods and Motley Crü (our much-anticipated anniversary beer) hot on their tail.

We’ll be seeing you soon in the bottle shop* where you can collect them all!

*[Our Easter hours are a bit modified. Remember the retail store will be closed Good Friday, open Saturday, and closed again on Sunday]