It's Our Birthday

Motley Cru 2016

Many of you are already aware that our anniversary festivities are coming up on the 14th of May, when we'll be celebrating our 4th orbit around the sun, releasing Motley Cru 2016, and poppin' Bellwoods reserve bottles like we're in a late nineties R&B music video. However, very few of you (save for our newsletter subscribers) are aware that on May 14th we'll also be releasing Grandma's Boy 2016. The rumours are true! We figured there'd be several people making the trek down to the brewpub from far and wide, and know that when it comes to special beer releases, 2 is so much better than 1. And remember, on this special occasion both the brewpub and bottle shop will open at 11am!

As always, we've made efforts to guard the specifics of Motley Cru up until this point, and due to our crazy spring schedule, we've also (unintentionally) been rather hush hush about the tweaks to this year's Grandma's Boy. But the time has come to sit down, get comfortable, and discuss our completely unbiased opinions about why you should get excited over these 2 beers. Truth be told, this turned into such an essay, that we decided to break it into two parts. We'll talk about Grandma's Boy today, and on Monday, the long-awaited Motley Cru.

The Part About Grandma's Boy 2016

With several years of barrel aging, blending, and souring beers under our collective belts now, we've learned a lot. We understand what works with our equipment, what we like, and how to approach new recipes, so when it came time to tackle Grandma's Boy once again, we knew we wanted to update a couple elements. What we love about this beer, and what we hoped to create in the first two versions was a dry, golden Belgian ale, complimented by the nuanced funky flavours that long-term brett barrel aging imparts, with a subtle undercurrent of stone fruit flavour. We got most of the way there, but truthfully, we felt that the 11.5% ABV was a bit overkill. Sure, bold ABV's can seem impressive and more easily communicate the relationship between a nice bottle of beer and a nice bottle of wine, but our preferences have shifted over time. The other issue we knew we'd have to address with this 2016 version is the designation of "Tripel". Naming and deciding on the style of a beer is tricky - style names often mean different things to different people and most of our beers don't fall into clearly demarcated style guidelines anyway. Previous versions of Grandma's Boy started out in the Tripel style (pre-barrel aging), and emerged from barrels as something quite different. A 'proper' Tripel isn't extremely dry (or acidic), and most do not include brett.

We often have internal debates about whether we should be giving more or less insight into our brewing process, because it becomes impossible to provide all the necessary context, or cover all the factors that inform a change. To explain everything that's involved, we'd have to compose a novel (and it's tough to enforce reading that kind of thing). In lieu of novels we reveal snippets here and there of the inner workings, and hope that people can appreciate just how much goes into each decision.

In looking at the 2016 version then, Grandma's Boy still includes the deep golden colour, brett aromatics, yellow shiro plums, and the dry body. Our desire was to to lighten up the ABV, increase the acidity, and turn it into the A+++ we knew it could be (no further comments necessary). The new designation of "Wild Ale" more accurately reflects the style, allowing for acidity and the contribution of multiple strains of brett. Grandma's Boy 2016 is all about clean brett aromatics, juicy stone fruit flavours, and a subtle but decidedly spicy oak character. The body is dry and lightly acidic, with notes of underripe pear, apricot, and plum.

Bottles go on sale at 11am on May 14th in our retail store (124 Ossington Ave), and with approximately 4800 bottles in existence, there should be ample supply for everyone. Max of 1 case per person, 7.8% ABV, $12/BTL.