Jutsu's New Do

Even though production and packaging schedules at the brewery are always buzzing along at full speed (and then some), we do inevitably end up with slow news days -- days you'll recognize as a time when I am forced to resourcefully write about peacocks that have escaped from the zoo, mundane observations of Toronto snow storms, or my favourite can't-report-on-our-newest-special-beer-in-development-decoy, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But today is not one of those days, and I won't mention the transient beauty of summer moving into fall, or The Toronto Zoo's efforts to revive Ontario's only venomous snake species (between 3-6 baby Massasauga rattlers were born a few weeks ago), or even the fact that the actor who starred in the hit Terminator series, is partying at Oktoberfest in Germany RIGHT THIS MOMENT which you can witness via his Snapchat. Today, I don't need any of those.

And that's because new custom Jutsu labels just arrived 'hot off the press' so to speak, and these things are a work of art. They are a perfect visual representation of ninja magic/stealth/trickery/spells/methods, even if we don't personally know what any of that means. They remind me of a time when I was very young and begged my mom to let me watch the Mortal Kombat movie even though she said it would make me violent, which then lead me to assuring her that I would never feel that way, before watching the film and feeling very much like I wanted to kick cardboard boxes and karate chop everything. Who can say what memories these labels will evoke in your mind? Buy the beer to find out!

If you want to learn a lot more about the story and vision behind this ridiculously juicy and delicious pale ale, might I direct you over HERE. If, however, you already know and love this beer, then I invite you to scoop up a few bottles on Tuesday when it returns to the bottle shop, so that you too can take on the diy project of sprucing up your home with the most beautiful empty beer bottles (or return them to The Beer Store for a deposit refund!).

Who needs Pinterest when you have our half-baked ideas?