Let's get firecrackin'

2014-06-30 03
2014-06-30 03

Every time we stumble across yet another holiday that involves fireworks, we curse our lack of foresight in not releasing Roman Candle alongside it. How perfect would it be to sit out on your deck or front lawn, watch the pyrotechnic delights, and sip a deliciously hoppy namesake IPA? But this time we had foresight, people of Toronto! We used our brains! We planned! We ordered malt and hops and made it happen! WE HAVE ROMAN CANDLE FOR YOU!

We can't claim that drinking Roman Candle during the Canada Day fireworks is going to change your life. It might not even be the highlight of your week (especially if you went camping somewhere beautiful), but it'll put a smile on your face and some warmth in your heart. It's like a high-five in a bottle.

Roman Candle is fresh off the bottler this morn, and if you know what's good for you or your loved ones, you'll grab a bottle and pair it with some thick cut bacon, maple syrup, ketchup chips, and poutine -- not because these are good pairings, but because this is your duty as a good Canadian!

Happy Canada Day and Happy Roman Candle Day! May they be synonymous from now on.