Light At The End Of The Tunnel

When you're in the habit of getting to work while it's still dark, you're very in tune with the passing of seasons, and ultimately, the daylight arriving earlier and earlier each morning (if even by a hair). It's moments such as these when it's easy to be hopeful for spring. But when you start the bottler up, run the sanitizer cycle, and watch in dismay as frozen stalactites form in your empty bottles? This sort of takes the wind out of your sails. The wind is further sucked away -- in a hellish vacuum of sorts -- as you look at the Californian brewers on instagram posting sunny, carefree pictures of people wearing t-shirts instead of parkas.

City-wide morale seems to be low, so we figured it was time for a pick-me-up. Today we're releasing a fantastic batch of Phantom Limb Tripel AND a new dish in the brewpub. The beer is crisp and refreshing with floral aromatics, a beautifully balanced bitterness, and notes of orange zest, honey, and spicy clove. The dish in question is a whole, sustainably farmed European sea bass cooked a la plancha, served with a simple duo of grilled lemon and garlicky salsa verde. I tried the fish immediately after photos were done, and I think it's worth mentioning that it temporarily restored my will to to endure this winter -- it's that good.

The new double IPA you'll notice in the bottle shop is called "Trials and Tribulations". We had intended to brew Witchshark, but were caught at the last minute without some key ingredients. We still wanted to create a hoppy DIPA, we wanted to experiment with the new 2014 hop crops that just arrived, and the resulting beer is light in body (for a double IPA), characterized by flavours of peach and orange zest. The name stems from the curve balls that ultimately get thrown your way in a small brewery (just like frozen sanitizer)!

And sure, there are people who choose to live in climates that stay warm all year round, but all I can say is that those same people don't have access to a refreshing Bellwoods Tripel, DIPA, and delicious grilled sea bass this weekend.

So there.