Mass Construction

Though this plan has been in the works since we opened just under 6 months ago, we’ve only recently been able to break the news: We’re expecting!

…6 new tanks! In what is currently our retail space next door to the brewpub, we’ll be squeezing in some new tanks and tripling our brewing capacity. Our goal has always been to be a brewery first and foremost, with a brewpub that offers our great beer and simple selections of food. With this new arrival we’ll officially be rounding the corner on our original plans regarding size, production, and wholesale accounts. We’re also adding a production kitchen with lots of shiny new metal appliances that make our chef Fab a happy man. This is great news for a number of reasons, reasons that I’ll explain to you in a detailed point form list. 

- the retail store will finally transition into regular hours, being open until 11pm(!) every night except Sunday, when we’ll close at 6pm. All that beer you enjoy on tap in the brewpub will be only a hop, skip, jump, and then maybe two or three more jumps (depending on your gait) away!

- we’ll be introducing a permanent growler program. After you leave a deposit on your growler, you’ll be able to come back each time it’s empty and fill it with something new. No waiting around until the next sale.

- the fare from the kitchen will be a bit more varied. We’re still intent on keeping it simple, but let’s just say that some eepday riersfay may be in our future with the potential for the almighty Belgian frite! 

As for specifics, we’re hoping to have all the new heavy metal objects in full swing just before Christmas, which would mean that all your respective significant others won’t have to suffer yet another holiday season with useless gifts like ipods, clothing, and diamond rings. 

Because really, there’s nothing like giving gifts you selfishly want for yourself, to others.