If you’re a Toronto resident tuning into the Bellwoods show this afternoon, you’ve probably only stumbled upon this blog by accident, arriving from what was probably a hilarious string of Ford related GIFs depicting the ‘mayor’ in a red-faced ‘stupor’. But if, perhaps, you’re from outside the country, or happen to be a cro-magnon man and have just traveled in a time capsule from 43,000 years ago — boy, have we got some news for you! Bellwoods has a new IPA!!! Yes, true dat. It’s clear we have quite the affinity for hoppy brews, and for the past few weeks we’ve been fermenting an exciting new ale in lucky tank number 9. Our early sips from the fermenter were very promising, and just yesterday we bottled as the muffled rants of Doug and Robbie on CBC could be heard in the background. We quietly released the first kegs and bottles around 5pm last night, and by this morning Twitter was bumpin’. So we owe y’all a run down of this delectable libation.

We love our Roman Candle (and so do all our lovely patrons!), but RoCan requires lots of Citra, and without going into extreme detail about the politics of hop availability (shortages), I will just say that this particular one is more popular than crack and our dealer is all sold out. Because we didn’t want the Witchshark to get lonely, we devised a new recipe that was all about utilizing the pungent citrusy kick of two hops we call favourites here: Summit and Simcoe. The malt body is extremely light, which allows the focus to stay on the hops, both in aroma and bitterness. The resulting brew presents fresh aromatics of resiny hops, orange zest, and late summer peach with a bold bitterness on the palate and delectable spicy finish. We don’t mean to be immodest, but in our very humblest of opinions, this is the best IPA we’ve ever made. We think it will be yours too.

So then, without further adieu, we present to you: Cat Lady IPA. A serious contender for our favourite hoppy beer of the year as we hit the homestretch of 2013.

We see a new love affair in your future.