Motley in May


In Bellwoods Brewery land, April has traditionally been the month when we celebrate our anniversary with the release of Motley Cru, our ever-evolving barrel blend series. For others, April marks such interesting events as The Annual Pantry Vacuum Extravaganza, or the less-celebrated but equally important, It's-Time-To-Drop-Off-These-Beer-Pun-Shirts-At-Value-Village Bonanza. However, in light of our recently amended brewery expansion plans (you may have heard we've got two more on the go) and the strain that puts on our schedule over the next 60 days (namely, the travel that will take us to Europe to inspect the bottler, and then the US to check on our brewhouse, and then back to Toronto again) we've decided to postpone the big day of festivities until May. This might come as a disappointing announcement to some, but the good news is that May is a much warmer time to enjoy a glass of delicious Cru on the patio, and we'll also give you an exact date so that you can go ahead and mark those calendars, prepare thy gullet.

May 14th is the official date of our 4th anniversary festivities, when we'll be unleashing into the wild a beer that, as you could probably guess, has been in the works for quite some time. And while the grapevine might be buzzing with talk of what you can expect, all we'll say for now is that we didn't abide by German purity laws. I can say nothing more, and now, I must vanish into thin air.

See you all on the 14th!