New Spring Menu


Just as we start to shift our thinking towards lighter ABV styles and kettle-soured brews when the warm weather hits, our incredible chef is also welcoming the late arrival of spring with a new menu that's geared towards all our most patio-centric cravings. The boards of charcuterie, canadian cheeses, and crack-like fries with house-made garlic mayo are here to stay -- but to accompany those smaller, tasty morsels, we've got a new line up of dishes that deserve an introduction.

Inevitably there comes a time, after you've online thesaurus-ed the word 'delicious' too many times (and employed the use of words not yet included in dictionaries), that one must admit writerly defeat and allow photos to do most of the talking. That time has come.

fois gras terrine, house-made brioche, sour cherries, maldon.

chorizo verde, morita salsa, shaved cabbage, potatoes, pecorino fresco, cilantro.

seared BC albacore tuna, compressed cucumber, fiddleheads, smoked onion and apple, horseradish cream, dill.

house-made wild leek and ricotta cavatelli, morel mushrooms, spinach, butter, lemon, pecorino.

fried chicken, buffalo sauce, buttermilk blue cheese, carrots, celery.


apple fritters, salted caramel, crème anglaise, cinnamon, crushed apple chips.