No Shut Eye

Though we like to think of all the beers we brew as equally delicious in their own unique and different ways, the truth is that [unlike loving parents] we begin to form favourites. Sure, there are beers we gravitate towards in hot, sunny weather, beers we save for special occasions, and beers that become our mainstay for weeks on end. But then every once in a while there's an entirely new echelon of beer, the sort that spurs synchronized nods of approval and wide-eyed glances when sipped straight from the bright tank. The sort that makes you entertain brief, crazy thoughts of pawning everything you own in order to obtain more. And to be perfectly honest, there are times when we discuss half-jokingly, half-seriously, the feasibility of keeping certain batches of beer all for ourselves. But then we get some sense smacked into us.

This Friday (June 12th) we'll be releasing No Rest For The Wicked, and from the suggestive lead in, you can probably gather a good understanding of how strongly we feel about it. This brett barrel-aged sour stout was first released last summer after 6 months in barrels, but as is often the case as we get older (and hopefully wiser), this second iteration spent a much longer period of time whiling away in barrels. What's emerged, after 509 days in barrels (that's exact) and 3 months conditioning in bottles is ridiculously delicious, showcasing complex brett-derived aromatics, strong notes of cherry and stone fruit, and an assertive sourness that rests upon a foundation of roasted malts.

But as we all know, every rose has its thorn and this announcement isn't all euphoric splendour. Folks, this fine libation is everything we're promising, but there were only 3 barrels to blend. What this translates to is roughly 1000 bottles, or in even plainer language, an amount we're guessing will sell out on the release day. So heed our warning and do what you know is best: quit your job and come drink this beer.

No Rest For The Wicked will be released in bottles (only) on Friday June 12th at 11am in the retail store. Limit of 4 per/person, $12/BTL.