Non Year's Eve


Now that’s a classy looking bottle!

If you’re like me and just broke your phone for the 3rd time in the past 4 months, you might be wondering: What day is it anyways? With your precious technological beast safely in the hands of a qualified technician and no feasible way to tell time, you might have forgotten that tomorrow is actually New Year’s Eve. 

And I know, I know, why won’t it stop? I feel that the chaos (excessive calories) of Christmas is still very present in my mind (muffin top) and yet now society is telling me to get suited up and enjoy the heckaroo out of yet another festive night! 

So if you’re like us and prefer to forego the elaborate plans and bizarre in-flux of glitter (seriously, why so much glitter?) we offer our humble brewpub as literal grounds for solidarity. We’ll be serving delicious beer as usual, and sharing a complimentary toast (poppin’ bottles) of rare beer from our reserves at midnight. As for food, our chef is busy preparing a one-night-only menu (in addition to our regular!) that features oysters with fermented radish mignonette, pan seared BC scallops, braised pork belly with lentils and bok choy, and dessert crepes filled with chocolate ganache and topped with strawberry syrup. Special menu goes until 11pm, with snacks being offered afterwards.

And for the record, we do solemnly swear not to:

- yell or spray confetti

- mention Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

- play Prince’s 1999 

- serve the most hangover-inducing beverage known to man (sham-pain, amiright?)

So come on down to the ol’ tank farm for a pint of the good stuff and the company of some fellow non-sentimentalists this New Year’s Eve.