October: Stuffed Like A Turkey

October is shaping up to be a big month, folks. Yes, we’re busy slaving away on our various slutty Witchshark costumes, but no, that’s not the excitement I’m referring to. Though much of Toronto is now lamenting the scorching summer passed, we’re actually pretty excited to work in a brewery that isn’t 9000 steamy degrees — so happy in fact, that we’ve managed to stuff more beery events into this month than could fit in a Thanksgiving turkey. Unfortunately we can’t take credit for planning Thanksgiving. Wikipedia tells me that you’ll have to thank Martin Frobisher, or maybe it’s Samuel de Champlain. Or get in a time machine with us and we’ll all go back to grade 9 social studies class.

I was gonna mention a few more events that we can’t really take credit for, things like the upcoming, highly-anticipated Schwarzenegger autobiography due out later this month, for example — but I’ve already gone over my requisite 140 characters and can take a hint.

Up first we have the Cask Days pre-event on October 13th from 1-4pm. Think of this as a warm up to the marathon. We’ll be tapping and pouring 10 casks from local breweries to give you a taste of what’s to come on the 26th and 27th. It should be noted that whoever receives the last pour from each cask gets a free Cask Days Session #3 pass! Tickets and additional info here.

Given the fact that we are overachievers (ask Mike what his GPA is…) and must take on as many projects in a day as possible, we will also be holding a bottle sale from 11am-2pm so that you have a chance to grab a few beers before or during the event.

After that, on the 23rd (Moved to NOV 6!) we’ll be doing a beer pairing dinner with chef Colin Tooke from Grand Electric. Returning from his ‘vacation' renewed and restored, Colin's guaranteed to cook up amazing fare, and we've got you covered with an extra special draft list. We've been saving kegs from our Monogamy single hop pale ale series (the Summit, Centennial, and Calypso will all make an appearance), along with multiple Bellwoods IPAs, and figured that since spice and hops go so well together, this dinner would be the perfect time to feature all our bitter brews. Details and tickets to come.

At the end of the week we’ll be participating in Bar Volo’s highly successful Cask Days festival (October 26th & 27th), which we feel is really the best [grown-up] way to go trick-or-treat-ing. We hope to see you all their in costume!

On the 29th we’ll be pouring our beers over at Chantecler for the Monday’s Dinner Chef Series. Again, we’re just teasing you, details and ticket info are on there way, but save the date!

And of course…Bellwoods becomes Hellwoods for one night only on Oct 31!