On Druids, Toronto Beer Week, and Autocorrect


Toronto Beer Week is in full swing and delectable craft beers are flowing throughout the city! Of course they are not literally flowing through out the city — but rather from taps — which is great, although let’s be honest, the former does sound rather heavenly. Events are so plentiful it seems hard to choose which ones to attend, and between brewing (it’s our award winning Blitzen today) and bottling (Roman Candle is rolling off the line this morning!) we’re gearing up with excitement for the week ahead.

So take out your cellular telephones, hold on to your coffees, and get ready to furiously type some notes about the upcoming week (that will surely be autocorrected to resemble something vaguely sexual and embarrassing). Below are our suggestions (Autocorrected: Nellie ate poor suggestions).

-Wednesday will be busy. The Golden Tap Awards are being hosted at Beer Bistro, beginning at 5pm. Admission is free, and the taps will be featuring lots of amazing brews from all over Ontario. The awards ceremony begins at 8pm.

-But if that doesn’t float your boat (Autocorrected: Bit off that fiend flat tour cost), and you are more interested in a wild west-esque showdown, head to Wvrst for the 2nd Annual Craft Invitational where Bellwoods will compete against other breweries…and sausages (that’s actually not even the autocorrect speaking…) to create the ultimate pairing! The event starts at 6pm and admission is $25 in advance (includes 6 samples of beer and 6 samples of sausage).

When you wake up on Thursday feeling alive and ready to take on the world, of course go for your morning run, do an ab workout or something, and then head to Bar Hop for 5pm. We expect things to be busy (so arrive early!) because along with Great Lakes Brewery, we’re hosting a partnered tap takeover! From Bellwoods they’ll be pouring some old and new favourites (Autocorrected: Purring sole ills and brew favourites), including the Berliner Weisse, Farmageddon (barrel-aged Saison), 3 Minutes to Midnight (Hellwoods aged in cognac barrels with cherries and cocoa nibs), Sails of Charon (our new Weizenbock, named after our favourite Scorpions song) and more! And as the cherry on top of this whole deal, our first collaboration beer with GLB, Brettalica (all Brett APA with Galaxy and Mosaic hops), will make its debut!


Just some inspiration for the inaugural Burning Pallet Man we will construct and then (aptly) burn to the the ground. What else to do with all those pesky pallets at the brewery?

If you still have energy by the weekend we would first like to congratulate you, and then strongly advise you to pick up any bottles you might need from our retail shop, because we’ll be CLOSING FOR THE ENTIRETY OF MONDAY AND TUESDAY AFTERNOON (the bar and retail shop will reopen at 5pm on Tuesday). The collective staff will be heading to our annual, highly anticipated, extremely exclusive, late summer Druids of Darkness party (aka, Brewing Man). I really can’t say much, only that what happens under the veil of the druid cloak, stays under the veil of the druid cloak.

Once more for those of you who were scrolling through Instagram pictures of peripheral friends picknicking at Trinity Bellwoods park (why aren’t you at work on a Tuesday???) — BELLWOODS, CLOSED, ALL DAY MONDAY SEPTEMBER 23RD, UNTIL 5PM TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH.

Autocorrected: Have a super fun week, Muchachos.