On Fire


We made it through January folks! We’re past The Most Depressing Day Of The Year and we can graciously manoeuvre our way through Febrewary with the collective knowledge that warm weather and late night bike rides where your snot doesn’t freeze are definitely on the horizon! Also, at some point I will just calm down and stop using so many exclamation points. But that time hasn’t come quite yet!

The thing is, I’m excited about a couple new developments at the ol’ tank farm. First of all, the plumbers who emphatically belt out top 40 Mandarin dance anthems as they work have finally finished our new hot water system. (I actually kind of miss them already). What this seemingly boring statement means is that we will finally be able to seamlessly brew more beers in a day without the risk of running out of precious hot water. And for anyone who has ever showered in cold water, you might understand that, similarly, a brewery just likes it hot. 

The second big change is our bottling line. Though we love bottling two at a time (sometimes one when the machine just throws a temper tantrum), the demand in the retail store is steadily growing and we finally admitted last week that we might need to buy a new one. Fast forward to this past week when Mike, Luke, and Patrick our Operations Manager flew to Pasco, Washington to train on a fancy new (life changing) machine. I guess you could say we were eager to get the bottle rolling. Ha, ha…Ha. This 6 head bottler can roughly tackle in one hour what we currently do in a day. Aaaand we’ve decided to switch up the format a bit (650ml bomber to 500ml heavy grade tall ale bottle) to allow for more bottle conditioned brews, which means we’re a step closer having a regular supply barrel-aged, blended, and soured ales in the convenience of our retail store, all year round.


The Oregonian countryside.

But just to recap, and because this is a source of great pride, in the three days they were gone in the US and A, the rest of us (there aren’t really that many of us) kept a small list of things achieved:

- didn’t burn down the brewery

- exhausted every episode of This American Life while bottling off a seemingly bottomless brite tank

- caught the witchshark

- had some beers with the witchshark

- lost the witchshark

- didn’t burn down the brewery

Alright enough. Shenanigans aside, we couldn’t be more excited about what’s on the horizon. I know I always say that, but I’m telling you, the construction around here is constant. I’ve even finally embraced the screeching yell of our plumber’s acetylene torch as our brewery’s anthem.

As if we needed a fire lit under our asses!