One Hop At A Time


Monogamy, as you may already be familiar with, is a relationship in which an individual has only one partner for their lifetime, or at a time. In general, this tends to be the most popular approach to romance in North America, unless you're on the hit TLC series, Sister Wives. Like the show, most beers tend to be polyamorous in regards to their hop love, choosing to call upon the help of a several varieties at one time. We like using a combination of hop varieties in many of our beers, and this 'group effort' can produce the complex and layered aromatics and flavour notes that you've become accustomed to in Witchshark, Cat Lady, or Roman Candle. However...

There is one special beer we brew at Bellwoods that presents an exception to this -- our Monogamy pale ale. This is a really interesting beer that utilizes the bittering and aromatic properties of one single hop variety at a time. Aside from being an experiment in deliciousness, it's also helpful to us as brewers, showcasing the range and limitations of said hops. We often observe patrons and beer lovers (the two aren't mutually exclusive!) pledging allegiance to specific hops or boldly declaring favourites, but how often do you experience a hop on its own? Our Monogamy series is a great point of reference.

For some history into the series, check out our profile of the beer online (here!), where we give a brief summary of the hops we've already tackled. Now that you're up to speed with your homework, let's take a look at the current offering: Monogamy Sterling.

This is definitely one of our most distinct batches yet, with characteristics that resemble a hoppy Pilsner -- which makes sense given that this low alpha-acid hop with Noble parentage is generally recommended in lagers and light European styles. The Sterling hop itself is an American variety that's a derivative of Saaz and Cascade. It was released in 1998, and is commonly utilized as an aromatic variety (rather than bittering). Sterling hops produce a delicate bitterness, herbal and floral aromatics, and distinct spicy flavours. We're excited to finally meet this deliciously refreshing beer after waiting so impatiently for it to finish fermenting.

Monogamy Sterling is now available in bottles only, in our retail store, for $5.50.