Online Pop-Up Shop!


I like to approach holiday gift giving with extreme attention to utility. When choosing presents for my loved ones I ask myself, "If I was stranded in a forest, would this item help me make it through the darkest hour?" Cuff links do not make the cut, nor do gift cards for pumpkin spiced lattes. Gold and diamond rings are just about the lowest on the scale, right next to decorative ipad covers. Artisanal mustard would provide some caloric value, but it's still pretty dismal as a survival strategy.

But t-shirts, beer -- these are the things that could light your way. And luckily we sell both. Up until today you've only been able to purchase them at our brewery retail store on Ossington Avenue in Toronto. And while I can't tell you that we've figured out a way to text you beer, we can say the following:

Today we're launching a lil' while-supplies-last online pop-up shop with our t-shirts and screen printed Doublenaut posters! Yes, that's right! Sit at your desk and buy a Cat Lady t-shirt on company time! Click "I do" on a Wizard Wolf poster from the comfort of your couch! So simple, so novel!

Our regular retail store is well-stocked for the holiday season ahead so Toronto folks are lucky, but for those of you further out in the Canadian wilderness, we've got a small supply of Bellwoods Brewery goods available online. Some details to consider:

-we're only shipping to Canadian addresses! -the shop will be open while supplies last, or until December 22nd.

As is always the case with online pop-ups, hesitation is for suckers, and nobody wants to be one of those.

Go forth and purchase with reckless abandon my friends. The merch is right over HERE!