Quadruple Whammy

Thanksgiving weekend is more or less upon us, and while these sorts of holidays tend to come and go without so much as a contemplative thought from me, I vow to make this one a bit different. Many turkeys have died for our feasting pleasure and in order to balance the scales of the universe, we thought it best to give back in some small way. Though it would be fun to say that there's a Sodastream under everybody's seats (man do those make a house a home!), my announcement is regarding carbonated beer, rather than water.

Very recently, in taking stock of what was in barrels, we realized that a large-ish volume of beer was going to be ready [more or less] all at once. We decided that instead of trying to meet our goal of releasing one barrel aged beer per month, we'd do our best to blow it completely out of the water. You may have heard of a double whammy before, but what about a quadruple? Quadruple Whammy -- it's now a thing.

You can probably see where this is all going, but if not, I'm happy to break it down for you. For the next four weekends we'll be releasing a barrel aged beer every single Friday. Yes, all of the Fridays. This is also one of the first times that we've confirmed barrel aged beer release dates more than a week in advance, so that is definitely something to be thankful for. The line up:


We kick off the Quadruple Whammy next weekend on the 16th with a brett barrel aged version of Monogamy Centennial, bottle-conditioned with apricot and peach. This one spent a year in barrels with several strains of brett, before being blended into a tank with fruit. The resulting beer is all about brett-derived aromatics, flavours of stone fruit, and was finished with a soft carbonation.

Details of prices and bottle limits on the other releases to follow soon, but the Brett Barrel Aged Monogamy will be $9/btl with no limits per person because there are about 4000 in total.


The weekend after that will bring about the return of our brett barrel aged quad, LAMBDA! This bold brew is one of the only beers we make that tends towards the sweet, but it's balanced by complex aromas of port, sherry, red grape, caramel, and brett funk. Full-bodied and slightly drier than last year's version (if you're lucky enough to do a side by side!), but still firmly in the sweet category. Barrel aged for a year, and conditioned in bottles for 9 months.


Halloween weekend's release will be the spooktacular 3 Minutes to Midnight, barrel aged imperial stout with cherries. This fan favourite has only ever been released once before and if your frequent emails inquiring about its return are any indication, you'll be pretty excited to welcome it back into your loving embrace. A bonus tweaked version with raspberries instead of cherries will appear at Cask Days!


The latest and greatest blend of brett barrel aged Lost River Baltic Porter. All the yeast funk, lactic acid kick, and interplay of roasted malts with tart fruit flavour you'll ever want. It's a decent sized batch so stock up for the long winter.

Expect 2-4 more special releases out before the end of the year, and then, well, 2016 holds many a barrel aged delight -- but that's a tale for another time.