Regarding Important Changes to Bottle Returns/Deposits

Until today Bellwoods Brewery customers have not been able to return Bellwoods bottles to The Beer Store for a deposit refund.

We’re happy to announce that after productive conversations with representatives from The Beer Store (TBS), the Ministry of Finance, and the Ontario Deposit Return Program, the following changes apply effective immediately.

1. TBS’s corporate offices will be contacting TBS branches to inform them that all Bellwoods bottles are eligible for a $0.10 deposit refund.

2. TBS’s corporate offices will begin working with all TBS stores and Ontario’s small breweries to ensure all beer produced and packaged in Ontario is diverted through TBS branches into either the Ontario Deposit Return Program or the TBS deposit return program streams.

3. TBS staff at the local Dundas Street branch will begin telling area bottle collectors that all Bellwoods bottles are now eligible for a deposit refund.

4. No additional deposit will be charged to customers at the Bellwoods Bottle Shop.

5. We will begin informing the general public regarding this change via our social media channels and on Bottle Shop signage.

6. We will be adding printed information to our next order of four pack carriers indicating that our bottles should be returned to any TBS branch for a deposit refund.

Please help us spread the news!

More informally, if you ever encounter an unattended Bellwoods Brewery bottle in the wild, your order of operations should be as follows: 1. Return it to The Beer Store to collect a deposit. 2. Put it in a recycling bin if a trip to TBS isn’t an immediate option.

Feel free to email us at if you have any further questions about this.

Additional TBS feedback, or TBS customer inquiries can be directed to the TBS customer service line at: 1-888-951-2337